Christopher’s broad ranging and international teaching practice encompasses specialist work with individual clients, masterclasses or ongoing courses at higher education institutions, and workshops for schools or colleges. If you are interested in a visit please contact us.

As well as offering workshops around performance techniques Christopher is able to create workshops in response to themes or content relevant to you or your students..

He teaches regularly for the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting where he leads courses in acting on camera and mask work with post-graduate students of acting as well as offering evening classes at the studio.

His teaching centres around embodied transformation and creatively imagining identities. He has created roles within contrasting performance paradigms: epic classical protagonists, psychologically real portraits within contemporary film, post-dramatic intertextual theatre, masked characters and autobiographical creation. Whether engaging people to embody characters in fiction or to inhabit themselves fully in the context of everyday life Christopher draws upon a rich experience of performance methodologies.

  • Performance technique: acting on camera, psychological realism, mask, physical inhabitation, chorus work, contact release, object manipulation, puppetry, story-telling, improvisation, and classical text.
  • Communication: public speaking, presentation skills, speaking with conviction and confidence, speaking about yourself comfortably.
  • Exploring identity: narrating self or telling the story of who you are

Christopher says:

“My workshops draw on a diverse spectrum of techniques assimilated through working practice. I invest in facilitating a positive, present and productive working method that fosters enjoyment, enthusiasm and growth. I work attentively and adaptively to the immediate life of the sessions I lead and I’m rigorous in supporting students to excel beyond their expectations. As a teacher I am exacting, adaptive and energetic.”

About Christopher’s teaching:

“Both students and staff were impressed. Christopher is an easy-going person who succeeded well with all of our sixth form college students and he comes highly recommended. We will definitely want him to repeat his visit here at Greaker Sixth Form College next year” Simon Franck Hansens, Head of English Department, Greaker Sixth form College, Norway

“Christopher was brilliant with the students. He is a gifted teacher who brings a wealth of insight and practice to his work” Elly Tobin, Principal of Joseph Chamberlain School, Birmingham

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