“I was born in Dublin to an Irish father and a Rwandan Greek mother and people frequently ask where I am from. I wrote and researched Other, produced by Frances Byrnes for BBC Radio 4, exploring the identities of people who have parents of different origins and have grown up in a culture belonging to neither parent. Who are the people that tick the box marked Other on the census forms and where or to whom or how do they identify themselves as belonging? How do the complexity of narratives of multiplicity unfold in lived experience? I began believing, perhaps, that there could be a stable, discrete answer to the question of where I am from. The model that emerged is far more dynamic, allowing for a mobile identity which ruptures belonging either here or there, affording identifications with different people, at different times, in different places.”

OTHER produced by Frances Byrnes. BBC Radio 4.

One thought on “Documentary

  1. As a PhD student researching the role of The Other within psychotherapy I found this doc to be interesting and informative. It also touched me personally, so thank you. D x

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