Short film

The torrential flow of an alienation amid the immersive hubbub of London’s vibrant density. ID conveys the lyrical potency of a lone man whose head and heart blur his sense of himself with the invasive, penetrating and compelling world, enveloping his internal landscape in a compulsive fluency of unceasing imagination. ID can be read as the poetic disturbance of an atomised individual reflecting on his belonging, his identity and his place among others. The oblique, insistent and raging id that fires a desire to be seen when lost among urban multitudes may speak an excessive, demanding beauty. But who sees with love those that see all as id, all as defensive rage, all as perplexingly interlaced and commandingly loud? Visual density serves a lyrical tongue in this poetic evocation of a tender man’s vituperative vision.



Still 10 Still 09 Still 07 Still 06 Still 05 Still 03 Still 01 Still 02

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