Jessica Horn Providing evaluation, training, research and philanthropic advice on women’s rights, health and social change. Jessica Horn is also a beautiful poet and brain in stylish apparel.

Maria Beloso Hall Nefertiti la Foraine est le navire qui vogue sur les eaux de notre inspiration…Maria Beloso Hall’s international theatre company based in France. Our Lady of Verve!

Giles Foreman Centre for Acting A leading professional acting studio in the heart of Soho where I teach. Giles Foreman is a uniquely forensic acting teacher extending the legacy of Christopher Fettes and Yat Malmgren.

Fiammetta Horvat brings intelligence and aesthetic acuity to her work as a theatrical designer, and transformer of spaces. You can also view her inventive solo work.

Jonathan Holmes has created a valuable and ambitious body of unique work intersecting ethical agency and theatrical exploration.

Scilla Elworthy is a dynamic, charismatic peace builder, three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Erhard Stiefel is a master of mask making.

Theatre du Soleil Theatre of dreams.

Skullcap Films Creative hub set up by actor and enabler Daniel Gentely. Skullcap Films produced my first short film ID.

Metal supported the process of creating my song cycle and hosted its premiere in Liverpool at Edgehill Station.

Tom Havelock is musically masterful! Engage the man in any number of idioms.

Sebastien Dolidon Photographer deluxe.

Malcolm Crowthers Photographer delightful. You can see his work at The National Portrait Gallery.

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