• Enabling singular responses to your particular creative or performance quest
  • Acting technique, theory, practice and career guidance
  • Inhabiting who you are
  • Embodying your personal vision
  • Catalysing your creativity
  • Reflection
  • Performance
  • Communication
  • Presenting

I teach, coach and mentor one-to-one. No matter who I am working with I seek to foster and facilitate your constructive creative evolution and agency in ways that resonate with you.

I’ve worked privately with a wide-ranginging scope of clients who have been actors, non-actors, corporate clientele, curators, stand up comics, and indeed anyone who wishes to meaningfully engage with themselves and their capacities within the domains of their work or creative practice.

The work can address the practical technical considerations of performance or can involve a reflective exploration of your overall process. I am usually led by the singularity of what you present and seek.